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Expectations of Participants

New Participants

After being officially accepted to the SSS program, students are considered active participants when they complete the following:

  • Complete an SSS Orientation and Assessment Session,
  • Schedule a follow-up Academic Coaching appointment with an SSS staff member to discuss their assessment results, and
  • Complete their first Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP).


Continuing Participants

To remain an active participant (and to be eligible to apply for the Pell Grant Supplement Award), students are expected to complete the following:

  • Complete a minimum of three Academic Coaching appointments each semester
  • Attend three workshops/activities (cultural/academic workshops, tutoring, etc.) per semester
    (Note: Computer Lab usage does not satisfy this requirement.)


Additional Expectations

  • Be engaged on campus with faculty and staff
  • Attend social and cultural events on and off campus
  • Utilize campus resources